Who are we?

There’s probably some deep and clever answer to that but we’re photographers, not philosophers, so here are a couple of pictures...


Barry and Nichola Photography, it’s who we are and what we do. And in case you were wondering... yes, we are married. 

Once upon a time we had normal jobs with bosses, appraisals and tea breaks etc but we felt driven to forge our own path doing something new and exciting, something creative where wo could make our own rules... so we did. We each left the office environment and struck out on our own. Photography was already a major part of our lives, especially journalistic style people-photography. It felt great reminding people of the fun they had at this party or that event. We wondered if we could combine the two.


Loving Photography (people)


Forging Own Path


Barry & Nichola Photography


Turns out we could; we took our photography skills into the wedding industry and never looked back. Here we are years later and still absolutely loving it. 

We’re still committed to tea breaks except on wedding days when we’re far too busy. Honestly, we sometimes get to the end of the day without ever grabbing a single brew. 


What exactly do we do?

We provide a pair of top level professional photographers, the aforementioned Nichola and Barry, to capture natural images that tell the story of you and your guests’ fantastic day; preparation, ceremony, confetti, group photos, portrait shoot, speeches, first dance and beyond. Our focus is mostly on people and the fun they're having with an eye open for those details that help personalise your day and support the story.

If you book us to stay beyond first dance we continue taking natural images that show the fun you’re all having and how awesome you all are at dancing (!). We can also bring our Box Of Props and/or Message Board (no extra charge for either). The Props are an alternative to a photo booth and our Message Board is kind of like a photographic version of a guest book. Sort of. If we meet up for a chat, all will become clear.

Your digital images (full size and printable) are provided as part of any package. Printed images have so much impact and our style of photography is perfect for the story telling process so naturally we love to publish books for our happy couples but if you'd prefer then we're more than happy for you to publish your own book from the images we supply.

If you use social media we can also set up a special page on Facebook to help you privately share wedding day photos, both ours and your guests’. All the photos from your wedding in one place, you control who sees the page and not a third party website or app in sight.

Of course, the best way to explain what we do is to meet up for a chat. We can bring photo books we’ve published for our happy couples and answer any questions you have about us and our photography. Weddings are what we do so feel free to ask about non-photography stuff too, if we don't know the answer we'll know someone who does. 


Why do we do it?

Weddings are a fantastic opportunity to express ourselves creatively and for the resulting art to be loved now and long into the future. As for turning our art into a business, the singer Marc Anthony sums it up nicely, “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” Wise words.


Our photographic style

Broadly speaking it can be refered to as Journalistic because we're using our photographic art to tell a story, although their are many other terms that mean more or less the same thing; natural, reportage, candid and so on. People love that our photos are natural and that has a lot to do with how we approach people and photography. More specifically the way we shoot and edit results in images that are vibrant and dynamic reflecting the buzz of social and emotional energy at a wedding. 


How are our photos so natural?

Because, and it might sound obvious, most of our photos are natural moments we've spotted and captured rather than ones we've staged. People look happy and relaxed because they are and we go to great lengths to not spoil the great atmosphere you've created with such phrases as "smile for the camera" or "look this way". Instead we hang out as part of the wedding party and being friendly with an informal approach means we blend in and capture images mostly without people realising, so they don’t stop having fun. Good timing and an eye for composition also helps.


Do we do Group Photos?

Yes, if you want us to. Organising group photos (and the confetti shot) takes a different, less subtle, approach and we’re happy taking the initiative when the time is right. Thankfully Barry is a confident (loud) public speaker and rather enjoys being the centre of attention. We confirm the list of Groups at the planning stage and on the day get them done nice and quick so you and your guests can crack on with the serious job of having a fantastic day. 


The Portrait shoot...

You love having your photo taken, right? You don't? It's ok, we understand where you're coming from and it means you have something in common with us and with most of the people we work with including most of the couples featured in our galleries. Our approach isn't entirely conventional but works really well. When you look through the galleries remember that even, or perhaps especially, with portrait images the best ones are when you don't realise they're being taken. With that in mind think of the portait shoot as an opportunity for you and your shiny new husband/wife to get some quiet(ish) time together and catch up. We'll advise you where to stand or sit and whilst you both enjoy the peace and chat or whatever we'll take awesome and natural looking photos. And don't worry if you love being photographed, this approach will work just well on you.


I’m interested, what’s next?

Fantastic. If you like our dynamic style and want a pair of friendly photographers to cover your big day then send us a message with your date and venue so we can check our diary. We’ll let you know whether or not we’re available and offer to meet up for a chat about your plans and wotnot. We generally visit people at their home or a coffee shop/tea room/pub nearby, although if a couple are really really far away we may try to find somewhere in between you and us. We’d then meet again nearer your wedding day to talk through your final itinerary. Once you’ve decide to book us it just takes a signed contract and deposit to secure your date.